You Are Never Alone


*Special Offer for those who live in Simcoe County
Does God really love me? Or is that just something Christians say to make us feel better about ourselves? What would people really think if they knew the things I’ve done behind closed doors? Does my past disqualify my future?

If you’ve ever asked yourself these questions, you aren’t alone.

This is the untold story of Joseph Swan’s life—a raw and honest account of a young man’s struggle growing up in a Christian home, trapped by secrets and plagued by rejection, guilt, fear, and shame.

In the midst of the darkness, Joseph discovers a truth that changes everything. A truth that transforms his life and sets him on an incredible journey of discovery spanning decades, where he ultimately experiences freedom, hope, and love like never before.

It’s a powerful message of God’s grace and gives hope to anyone who has ever struggled with their past mistakes and feels worthless, abandoned, afraid, and all alone.

Pay online and pick up Sundays from Connexus Church in Orillia or Barrie




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